Keep teams well and engaged

Gift your team the gift of focus, calm, joy, leadership and more...

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80+ tools and programs on any topic
65% program
uptake rate
40% time saved for HR, with 2x ROI

A personal wellness system for every employee

How it works - Employee experience

Understand the whole person
Get recommended actions
Add and practice tools
Track wellbeing
On demand therapy & coaching

More than just an EAP, workshop or HIIT class.
Tailored on-going support for any moment.

Pocket AI support

Trusted wellness advice that's discreet

Most employees never seek help, and if they do it's after 6-8 months of struggling. That's too late.

Our AI pocket support trained on psychological frameworks, provides convenient access to trusted advice on any situation, in the comfort of individual privacy

Ongoing support

A better professional support experience

Most employees hesitate to use an EAPs due to poor provider experience that is short term.

Allico supports employees in between and after sessions with ongoing tools from their own professional as part of our world class service.

Deep personalisation

Data driven wellness approach

Most apps contain generic content and programs that don't engage employees.

Allico constantly adapts and delivers real time wellness recommendations in a way that relates to each individual, based on over 50+ data points.

Engagement Assistant

Roll out initiatives in half the time, with twice the ROI


Save time on planning wellbeing initiatives with pre-planned suggestions based on popular wellbeing calendar days and employee interests

*coming soon

Comms manager

Auto-schedule initiative comms company wide in minutes with AI generated templates tailored to your brand and personal tone of voice

*coming soon

Insights & ROI generator

View top metrics on engagement, ROI and insights such as topics of interests, satisfaction rating, skills metrics and more

Comprehensive features

Custom Tools & Programs
Tracking & Insights
Wellness Assessments
Personalised Engagement
Bounce back
Therapy & Coaching
24/7 AI Chat Support
Skills Building
Community Connection
Emotional intelligence
Focus and productivity
Conflict management

More than just wellness

A focus on critical skills for better leaders and cultures

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